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River Journey Logbook Entries

The following is the complete archived list of 16 weekly Journey Logbook Entries from the WaterWorks River Journey dated 04.September - 22.December, 2005. In addition to the entries below, be sure to check out the complete contents of the logbook by visiting the other links in the menu on the left!



Week #1, 04-10.September, 2005

Chautauqua Lake, Chautauqua, NY

The Journey is Launched


Week #2, 11-17.September, 2005

Chautauqua, NY to Allegheny River

Portages, Portages, Portages


Week #3, 18-24.September, 2005

Allegheny River by Canoe

A Different Way to See the River


Week #4, 25.September - 01.October, 2005

Pittsburgh PA to Ohioview, PA

Allegheny Mile 6 to Ohio Mile 32


Ohioview, PA to Parkersburg, WV

Ohio River Mile 32 to Mile 187


Week #6, 09-15.October, 2005

Parkersburg, WV to Portsmouth, OH

Ohio River Mile 187 to Mile 363


Week #7, 16-22.October, 2005

Portsmouth, OH to Cincinnati, OH

Ohio River Mile 363 to Mile 471


Week #8, 23-29.October, 2005

Cincinnati, OH to Louisville, KY

Ohio River Mile 471 to Mile 603


Week #9, 30.October - 05.November, 2005

Louisville, KY to Derby, IN

Ohio River Mile 603 to Mile 696


Week #10, 06-12.November, 2005

Derby, IN to Cairo, IL

Ohio River Mile 696 to Mile 982


Week #11, 13-19.November, 2005

Cairo, IL to Caruthersville, MS

Mississippi River Mile 955 to Mile 840


Week #12, 20-26.November, 2005

Caruthersville, MS to Memphis, TN

Mississippi River Mile 840 to Mile 734


Week #13, 27.Nov - 03.December, 2005

Memphis, TN to Greenville, MS

Mississippi River Mile 734 to Mile 537


Week #14, 04-10.December, 2005

Greenville, MS to Angola, LA

Mississippi River Mile 537 to Mile 305


Week #15 Part I, 11-14.December, 2005

Angola, LA to New Orleans, LA

Mississippi River Mile 305 to Mile 93


Week #15 Part II, 15-17.December, 2005

New Orleans, LA to New Orleans, LA

Destination Gulf of Mexico


Week #16, 18-22.December, 2005

New Orleans, LA to Somerset, PA

Driving back to World Headquarters


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