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Support From Organizations

Financial Support:

Sea Education Association

River WaterWorks is funded in part by the 2005 Armin Elsaesser Fellowship.

Project AWARE Foundation

River WaterWorks is funded in part by the Project AWARE Foundation.

Ben and Jerry's Foundation

River WaterWorks is funded in part by the Ben and Jerry's Foundation

PTA / School Support

The WaterWorks educational program is being presented in schools along the rivers and has no associated program fee. Some schools have offered to provide us with a small financial donation through their PTA or assembly funds in order to help offset our operating costs. For this we are grateful!
* Bemus Point Elementary School, Bemus Point, NY
* Warren Area Elementary Center, Warren, PA
* Cooper Whiteside Elementary School, Mt. Vernon, IN

Mine Trader PA

Affiliated Organizations:


Ohio State EP:

Louisville Science Center       

Children's Musuem of Memphis:


Product Donations:

YSI Environmental

YSI Environmental has donated a high-tech water data collection device for use during the journey, the specifications of which are described here.

Whitworth Marine Services (WMS)

Mr. Nobby Peers at WMS has donated a 12-volt 55-watt solar panel for our use during the river journey for charging our batteries.


Captains Shane Walden and Justin Cathcartt at SoundWaters arranged for us to borrow a spare groundwater flow simulator.

SDC Building Center

SDC Building Center provide plywood for the deck of the vessel at cost.

Letters by Mitzi
908 S Park Ave, Somerset, PA 15501

Letters by Mitzi provided high quality custom vinyl stickers of our logo and the dragonfly image that are used to decorate our vessel.

Doherty Hardware
East Main Street, Somerset, PA 15501

Doherty Hardware provided substantial discounts on paint and painting supplies for the construction of the vessel.

D&E Marine
826 E. Main Street, Louisville, KY 40206

Captain Steve Davison donated fender for the BPV Libelula

Under the Hill Saloon
Natchez, MS

Special thanks to Andre and company for good cheer.

Supporting Marinas and Dockages:

Allegheny Marina, Pittsburgh, PA: special thanks to Earl Faust and Rick for their help in launching the vessel and also for complimentary dockage.

Marietta Harbor, Marietta, OH: Special thanks goes out to Ron King for providing complimentary dockage.

Holiday Point Marina, Franklin Furnace, OH: Thanks to Phil Hand for complimentary dockage as well as tales of local history.

B&B Riverboats, Cincinnati, OH: complimentary dockage

Louisville Waterfront Authority, Louisville, KY: Special thanks to Ashly who helped to find temporary parking for our trailer as well as complimentary dockage in the water.

French Island Marina, (near Mt. Vernon, IN): Special thanks to the dockmaster for the bottled water, Sprites and complimentary dockage.

Memphis Yacht Club, Memphis, TN: Thanks for the use of a truck in hauling the boat out on a steep ramp for our stay in the city.

Greenville Yacht Club, Greenville, MS: Thanks for the complimentary dockage.

Tunica Riverpark and Musuem, Tunica, MS, Special thanks to Steve Gelvin for the complimentary dockage, after-hour museum tour, and complimentary dinner at the nearby casino!

Weber Marine, Union, LA: Thanks to Lloyd, for refuge from the lower Mississippi and showers, water, and interesting conversation.

Orleans Marina, New Orleans, LA: Thanks to Melvin the security guard for the great hospitality and Elizabeth Augustin for the complimentary dockage.

River Water Works    *   Boswell, PA 15531 * phone: 814.267.0167

River Water Works is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation, Copyright 2004-2012

Why are there advertisments? Proceeds from clicking on links below helps us to offset the costs of hosting this website.