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Support From Individuals

Donations and Assistance:

Special thanks to Emmit Levitt for her efforts in helping out with our logo design!

Jaret Lynch of Hamden, CT offered his welding, design, and construction talents to help in the building of the BPV Libelula

David Knepper of Frostburg, MD for giving us a good deal on the purchase of the vessel, and also for donating the boat trailer, a spare outboard, and numerous other fine boat accesories.

William and Lynn Simmons donated their garage and half of their driveway for four months as a place to build the vessel BPV Libelula and stage preparations for the journey.

Jim Webreck of Somerset, PA is noted for his interest in the progress of the project and the construction of the vessel, and for keeping the vessel construction crew on task.

John Bontrager of Falmouth, MA donated a small alcohol stove, an anchor and a small 12 VDC generator for use aboard our vessel. He also provides valuable advice and consultation across many aspects of the project.

Arnold and Phyllis Rowe of Riverside, CA provided a portable solar camping shower and a GPS unit for use aboard the vessel.

Susan and Dick Luehrs at the Cambridge Inn ( in Chautauqua, NY provided us a staging area and operations base for the first week of the journey while we were on Chautauqua Lake.
Joan Smith of Chautauqua, NY donated an assortment of musical instruments that we use during the river music component of our education program.
Marty and Bob Gingell of Amherst, NY donated a vinyl banner with the name of the project, the project logo, and our website. We hang this banner on the side of the vessel while in port to let people know what we are up to.
Ruth Nelson, principal of the Warren Elementary Center in Warren, PA gave us an extremely warm welcome and treated us to a fine lunch of submarine sandwiches during the day we spent in her school. She also procured for us some old plastic storage containers with lids that fit perfectly under our bunks on the vessel!
Michael Kertis of Tidioute, PA helped in the portaging and hauling of our vessel as we encountered the shallow waters of the upper Allegheny River. He also took some great pictures of the boat that he sent us in the post. Thanks Michael!
The Knauff Family (Jim, Jake, and Malachi) of Tionesta, PA gave us good food and a place to sleep before heading out on the Upper Allegheny River in a canoe. Jim is also one of the fourth grade teachers at the local elementary school.
Ashley Sweda of Tionesta, PA helped us borrow a canoe from the local Boy Scouts Troop 82, outfitted us with drybags, drove us to our launch point, and also sent us off with a fine selection of fresh vegetables from his garden.
Boy Scouts Troop 82, thanks for letting us borrow one of your canoes!

Rich and Martha, of Pittsburgh, PA treated us to a first-class dinner in their new apartment and also provided quite an evening of fun and entertainment.

Robert Young from near Wheeling, WV, who allowed us to borrow his truck to go get groceries and gas in town.

Captain Mike Hoseman, a Man of the River, offered his sage advice about river Mississippi River navigation and his sense for good stories and fun.

Heather Mayfield, of Cincinnati, OH, who went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our comfort while we were in town.

Jason Sanchez, of Louisville, KY, who helped to organize a great day of events for us at the Louisville Science Center.

Ruth and Joseph Fitzpatrick, of Louisville, KY, who offered good hospitality to us in their Bed & Breakfast while we were in town.

Justin and Scott in Mt. Vernon who gave us a ride in their truck to get fuel.

Catalina, from Madison, IN who gave us some good tea.

Crazy Bartender Lady from Old Shawneetown who loaned us her truck to get fuel.

Crazy Lady from Cairo, IL who gave us her rolling luggage cart after which we used to tote around the upright string bass.

CeCe, Andy, Aza of Memphis, TN deserve mention as great hosts for our stay in the city and also for sending us off with a great food care package!

The entire Palazola Family of Memphis, TN should be thanked for sharing their wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with us!

Larry Scott, principal of West Bolivar Elementary, helped to hook us up with some hot showers and arrange transportation to and from the river side in the school van.

Captain James and Richard invited us aboard their large vessel for conversation and warmth while in Vicksburg, MS.

John, of Chalmette, LA gave us a hand hauling our gas cans, gave us a tour of his devastated town, and also provided some great conversation.

Edward Drury gave us a most kind greeting upon arriving to the city of New Orleans.

In General, we thank many people who have helped us out along the way, some nameless, some forgotten, but all very important! Thanks for your help if we missed mentioning you in the above list!

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Why are there advertisments? Proceeds from clicking on links below helps us to offset the costs of hosting this website.